SEO 101

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Written by Charles BenischConsultant at Steckler eMarketing, Watertown MA 02472 In SEO Chat’s online forum I often see posts asking the community what to do to improve their search rankings. Community members invariably respond with — Hire an SEO consultant. There is just too much skill and training involved to provide a complete answer in a sinple forum response.  For those who are just getting oriented to SEO, Charles Benisch gives the following introduction.Search QueriesSearch Queries are collections of search terms, referred...

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Seeking Local SEO Help

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Running a local restaurant, law practice, career consultants, recruiters and other local businesses are labor-intensive endeavors. Additional demands to the heavy workload can spread staff thin, jeopardizing the quality of both their day job and the quality of their marketing efforts. Each business needs a local online presence that is top notch – literally. Any drop in search engine rankings directly translates to drop in business. For this reason, the more successful local...

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Getting Listed on Local Online Directories

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090With hundreds of online local directories and vertical directories, getting listed with accurate information can be quite tedious — especially if your company has multiple locations. There are companies who offer help like Yext and CityGrid if you want to pay a subscription fee (Yext) or Pay Per Click (CityGrid). However, the most value comes from claiming and correcting the source data in syndication services that feed the local directories.Fortunately David Mihm of...

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Facebook Page Image Dimensions

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Facebook business pages, tab pages, cover photos, profile images, shared photo, highlight and milestone images Thank you Jon Loomer for creating a handy visual reference outlining the image dimensions for each element. Check out these examples of well-designed business pages and their blown-out set of tab pages: — Jean Steckler Steckler eMarketing

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Google Analytics Keyword Tracking to Protect Privacy

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Each month I find the keyword term listed highest in the Google Analytics Traffic report to be: (not provided).  Google no longer reports search keywords for anyone who does a https search or while logged into Google. More privacy for users… and less data for marketers.  What’s a marketer to do?Thanks to Malcom Gibb, Edinburgh, Scotland SEO Specialist, for posting a work around that allows marketers to at least see what landing pages these searchers reach. Malcom Gibb...

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Benefits of Re-Marketing

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Does your company have a Re-Marketing strategy? Are you tracking visitors to your website and generating customized advertisements based on their activity? Does your Search Engine Marketing Campaign distinguish between buyers and researchers?Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity on your site, increase newsletter registrations, or promote brand recognition, Re-Marketing can be a strategic component of every Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaign.Google Re-Marketing is a...

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Establishing Annual Marketing Goals, Objectives and Budgets

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Written by Jean Steckler Steckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090 The autumn season brings football, soccer, fall foliage spectacular views, and … the annual marketing budget process for the next year. No longer a siloed business function, marketing now is responsible for conversion of sales leads in addition to lead generation. That is, marketers are no longer measured on the number of leads generated alone, but also on the quality of those leads. Cold leads, warm leads, hot leads are all important — but we need to be able to classify...

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What’s my Email Delivery Score?

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Most B2B lead nurturing programs include email newsletters. Much effort is put into building lead lists, scheduling newsletter topics, designing and composing newsletters. Open and click-through rates are tracked. But little effort is devoted to tracking the company’s email deliverability.If your company’s domain name has made it to a blacklist, all of the work spent on preparing and sending the newsletter will have been lost. If your IP address has been blacklisted,...

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Google Advertising

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Recently a client lamented that he yearns for when his annually-placed ads in yellow page directories was all he needed to keep his law firm thriving.  No longer. To be found now, advertisers need to work with search engines, and specifically with Google which maintains their dominance with an ever-growing list of advertising options.Google advertising does indeed take more attention than printed yellow page ads – or Thomas Registry’s “big green book” ads. First...

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Mobile Internet Users Growth

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Eighty-eight percent of U.S adults now own cell phones; 48% go online with their phones, and 17% use their phones more than computers to explore the Web, according to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. What’s more, there are now more wireless devices being used in the United States than there are people, and Americans have doubled the amount of Internet data traffic they generate on smartphones (CTIA trade group). Now that growing numbers of industrial...

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