Pay Per Click (PPC) or Organic Traffic – Which Works Best?

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By Jean Steckler For a professional services firm, their question of what works best for them, paid search ads or content marketing, the answer is clear. The following graph tells the story. The firm began a blog in the first month represented in the chart. They were able to consistently publish quality articles three times a week for the following 13 months shown in the graph. The red area within each monthly bar represents the amount of traffic from paid listings on Google. The monthly budget remained consistent throughout the entire 14 months. However, the quality of the site’s...

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Google Analytics Keyword Tracking to Protect Privacy

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Written by Jean StecklerSteckler eMarketing, Westfield NJ 07090Each month I find the keyword term listed highest in the Google Analytics Traffic report to be: (not provided).  Google no longer reports search keywords for anyone who does a https search or while logged into Google. More privacy for users… and less data for marketers.  What’s a marketer to do?Thanks to Malcom Gibb, Edinburgh, Scotland SEO Specialist, for posting a work around that allows marketers to at least see what landing pages these searchers reach. Malcom Gibb provides a step-by-step guide on using Google...

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Ad Serving Networks and Analytics Partnerships

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Time is limited. And marketers struggle to minimize administrative tasks when assessing ROI. Google Adwords and Google Analytics have integrated search buys with their analytics for awhile. The question is, what has it taken the ad networks and analytics packages taken so long?Recent integrations include: Ad Network: 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream Web ad management, withAnalytics: Omniture’s SiteCatalyst Ad Network & Analytics: DoubleClick’s Dart tool for publishers Ad Site: Facebook Analytics: Omniture plans to broaden its Facebook integration to include display and...

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