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B2B Content Marketing Reaches 93%

Here’s what you get in exchange for sharing your thought leadership online: a very targeted list of prospects who are interested in what you do and sell.

When you offer information in exchange for someone’s name and email address, you generate a contact list that is far superior to any lists you may have purchased previously from list brokers or magazine subscribers.

These contacts have “raised their hand” to tell you they are interested in what you have to say. You have much better insights into your prospects’ pain points based on the type of content they select.

And sending relevant communication sequences triggered off of your prospect’s behavior — whether by email, snail mail, or phone — reaches them at the time of their need.

These behavior-generated communications are more effective than “batch and blast” emails, because they are specific to the prospect’s need and arrive at a time when they are most receptive. Setting up triggers or “magnets” that draw prospects in lets your customers self-select the marketing information they want to see.

The key to successful inbound marketing is providing remarkable content through stories of situations that relate to your prospects. Invite these prospects to deepen their knowledge by completing a landing page or web form. You are then prepared to reach them with your marketing messages when they are ready to purchase and are comfortable buying from you.

Content Experiment

Experimenter Mark Roberge, Senior Vice President, HubSpot
Test HubSpot ran an experiment for two months.
They increased the pace of their blog posts from once a day to five times a day.
Lessons Learned Audience participation rate grew across the board for all of their posts:

  • The number of visitors per article increased by 20%
  • The number of comments per article increased by 20%
  • The number of inbound links/article increased by 20%
Observation Contrary to some predictions, the audience engagement for EACH blog post increased as the frequency of posts increased. Some may have predicted that viewers would have become saturated by the blog posts. But given the increase in engagement, the audience actually preferred the greater publication rate.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Evolution
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