About the Team

Steckler eMarketing consults B2B and services clients on aggressive and proven methodologies to maximize sales funnel performance using content marketing, sales automation, and search engine optimization. We guide clients through the strategy, planning and execution to generate consistent growth in sales.

The Steckler eMarketing team consists of a core set of marketing professionals and designers who have had extensive experience in online marketing. Scott Brinker’s, president of Ion Interactive, visual map  of some of the most popular marketing tools below demonstrates how vast the marketing technology landscape has become. And new tools and platforms are continuously released.

If we decide a specific platform or tool would be the optimal solution for a client’s needs and the core team has not had sufficient experience with that platform, we’ll bring in specific experts to help with the development and will cross-train our clients marketing staff to maximize the tools to their benefit.


Marketing Technology Ecosystem

Marketing Technology Landscape by Scott Brinker (Click to enlarge)



About the Founder

Jean Steckler has extensive experience in marketing and web-based applications. She is the co-founder of  iReminder, LLC and its flagship product, Compliance for Lifeā„¢. She was Vice President of The Turnaround Team with responsibility for strategic design, planning, implementation and project management of e-Marketing initiatives for IBM, Staples and Schering-Plough. Other professional experience includes founding and operating Disk Print, providing technical, marketing  and production services to colleges, power utilities, museums and publishers. Jean started her career  at AT&T’s Bell Labs in experimental psychology research and worked in a team that developed business software and operating systems. Let Steckler eMarketing’s extensive technology and research expertise help you conceptualize and design interactive projects to identify and achieve your business goals. 

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain

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