Online Video Marketing

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Video is growing to become a vital component of online marketing efforts. Leading the trend are pharmaceutical marketers, B2B marketers, and retail.Recent Pharmaceutical Videos Boehringer Ingelheim and the Diabetes Hands Foundation are running a diabetes patient video contest. Three weekly finalists were chosen from among the 3 minute videos submitted by adult diabetics.  Novartis and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society launched the “We Keep Moving” video series during MS Awareness Week, March 9, 2010. GSK is promoting their...

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Facebook in Business

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Facebook, with 470 million users far outranks Twitter, with only 73 million users. According to eMarketer, Facebook also leads the social networking pack in content-sharing widgets, used to post content such as article links, videos, photos, etc.: Facebook accounts for 44% of content shared by the Gigya widget (Twitter is in 2nd place with 29% of content) Facebook accounts for 33% of content shared by the AddThis widget Facebook accounts for 24% of content shared by the AddToAny widget (2009) And Facebook is capitalizing on its lead by...

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Twitter in Business

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Business began to embrace Twitter as a medium for customer service when Business Week published their seminal article a year ago titled: “Comcast’s Twitter Man – For Frank Eliason, managing the cable giant’s customer service department means tweeting strategically.”  Early in 2008 Frank Eliason started monitoring complaints on Twitter and providing unsolicited answers and solutions to customer problems. By January 2009, he had handled 22,000 tweets.However, Facebook, with 470 million users far outranks Twitter, with only 73 million...

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Over a Quarter of Americans Now Read Their News on Cell Phones

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News comes to us from many places, but Americans are increasingly favoring getting their news from their cell phones. The Pew Research Center’s telephone survey of 2,259 people over 18 found 26% of Americans choose to read their news on cell phones In contrast, only 17% of us are getting our news from national newspapers.The trend reflects changing habits of a younger generation, 43% of whom prefer to read their news on their cell phones. In comparison, 15% of older adults read their news on cell phones.However, news consumers do not...

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Designing Email Newsletter Templates

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Web designers find the CSS restrictions in html email designs incredulous. Fortunately website design has gotten much more straight forward over the last 10 years, with most browsers doing a better job conforming to the W3 standards. Not so true for email. Campaigner posts a matrix of email readers and the CSS features that they either do — or do not support: Guide to CSS Support in email clients.Back to the simplest basics, and inefficient coding to make sure your email template will work across all the different email clients.–...

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Pharmaceutical Social Media Marketing

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BackgroundTo date, the FDA has not yet published guidance for online or social media regarding pharmaceutical brand advertising and fair balance guidelines.However, after 14 years of search engine advertising, the FDA’s Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications sent warning letters to 14 drug makers identifying 48 different brands as being in violation of the FDA’s fair balance guidelines. The letters stated that sponsored-link advertisements for specific drugs were misleading due to the exclusion of risk...

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Example of an Embedded Video

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Videos have legs now, and are able to make their away across the web. Google keyword search and video search are giving wider exposure to videos. And AddThis’ Video Sharing lets sites embed videos across multiple sites.Example of an Embedded Video– Jean Steckler Steckler eMarketing

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Video Search Engine Optimization

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Anatomy of Product Searches on GoogleHave you noticed the new layout of the Google search return page?  You may find: Three top sponsored links Three organic links Seven product images Three ecommerce sites that sell the product List of organic sites Two product videos To maximize their marketing footprint through search engines, companies need to consider how their images, videos and commerce partners rank in addition to how their keywords will rank.And this is only the beginning. We anticipate that video search will become a dominant player...

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Email Deliverability

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I originally included information on email deliverability in my eCards post, but thought it is such an important topic, that it deserves its own post.Most likely when sending bulk emails you will be working with an Email Service Provider (ESP) or email house. When selecting an ESP and getting set up to send newsletters, announcements, press releases, eCards, or any bulk mailings, the most critical criteria is the ESP’s deliverability. The factors to consider are listed below.Email AuthenticationOver 90% of email marketers authenticate...

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Protecting a Brand’s Reputation

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Media relations had it easy when all they had to monitor were news outlets. Now, with so many social network sites, staying on top of a brand’s reputation is getting more time consuming. Fortunately, new tools are helping make the process less tedious. Here are a few to consider.Tracking Tools NameChk to see if your desired brand name is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering and establishing brand profiles where...

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