Public Relations

Build awareness of your value and offers by presenting stories that prospects can identify with in the media they trust and respect. Personal stories with an emotional tug at the heart make a strong impression – AND are remembered longer than simple or didactic facts. Keep in mind — a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

We employ news wire services to generate widespread distribution of news articles in reputable news outlets. When the news releases are picked up online, you get the benefit of external links back to your site, which improves your search engine ranking. When video news releases are picked up by news broadcast TV channels, you increase the number of prospects you can reach dramatically.

Online publications of news articles and videos allow families, friends, and communities to better share their enthusiasm and build a groundswell of fervent prospects. Online video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo help to spread awareness to your prospects, and their social networks.

Helpful Tools

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
The Help a Reporter Out (HARO) service is a matchmaker service for journalists and sources, or experts who agree to be interviewed. Journalists submit queries and  HARO l emails them sources that match their stated needs.  Vocus, the company that owns HARO, in turn distributes the requests to a mailing list of experts and public relations staff who have subscribed to their service.

Google Media Tools
Collectiion of Google tools to help journalists gather and organize information, engage readers, visualize information, publish their content, develop stories, crisis response tools, and more.

Twitter for Newsrooms
Support and educational information for journalists on Twitter use in news monitoring and production, including Journalist Best Practices. Journalists recognized for their effective use of Twitter include Reporters @katiecouric, @melissabell, @miltonvalencia, @brianstelter and @anncurry.

Facebook Public Feed API and Keyword Insights API
Facebook’s Public Feed API lets journalists lets these companies search for a word and see all public posts that mention it within a given time frame. The Keyword Insights API reports the number of times the word is mentioned in public and private posts during a set time frame, as well as a demographic data on age, gender, and geography — data not available from Twitter users.

All You Can Read
Directory of publications and media sources. The database contains over worldwide 22,800 magazines and newspapers.

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