Planning a Holiday eCard

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Early in 1998 The Turnaround Team began to offer e-Vs, their brand of e-mail videos. These e-Vs offered engaging TV-style commercials delivered to individual email boxes — rather than broadcasted across network channels. Since then, the concept of emailed animations and videos has taken hold with holiday eCards.However, the technical challenges for distributing true video through email that existed in 1998 still exist today. Email deliverability is based on email good behavior and reputation. Distributing large video or Flash animation...

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The Scoop on Ad Networks

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Advertising Networks have been around for years, but are becoming much more popular. Ad Networks provide good value for advertisers who are looking to narrowly focus their online media buys to demographics or industry niches. Out of the $8 billion advertisers spent on display ads in 2007, 70% went directly to Web sites and 30% to ad networks. In 2008, the mix is projected to shift to 50-50. Display ad rates on premium media web sites are down about 20% so far in 2009.I have had some good success with a Yahoo ad network, especially with...

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Spending $2 billion annually on e-Mail marketing

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And I thought email was free! According to a recent Forrester study, industry will be spending $2 billion on email campaigns by 2014. Marketers better make sure there is more than just opting in — by providing relevant messages to carefully behaviorally segmented audiences. And we’ll be seeing fewer magazine ads and more ads distributed through trade publication newsletters.– Jean Steckler Steckler eMarketing

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