Blogging Platform Recommendations

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Recently I was asked to recommend a blogging platform for an inexperienced blogger. Rather than reply to a comment, I decided to share my recommendations in a blog post.

Content Management Systems Market Share

Content Management Systems Market Share

There are easy content management platforms for new bloggers which do not require html coding. As a new blogger, consider Blogger ( ). It is not used as widely as WordPress, but it has been good enough for a number of Google blogs, including:

Not surprising, since Google owners Blogger.

By far the most popular blogging platform is WordPress. Checkout Usage of content management systems for websites –

21.5% of all web sites run on WordPress. Among content management platforms, it has earned a 60% share of the market.

WordPress is easy to scale, starting with a free site at, then graduating to a hosted service (I use, and if your growth plan includes running your own WordPress server, you can do that as well. There are several plugins available to extend the core functionality, and its popularity encourages other service providers to build API interfaces with WordPress.

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