Social Media

Social Media gives your enthusiasts simple tools to help spread the word about your value and offers through Facebook, Google+, Pinterest. When prospects “Like” or +1 your profile, they are lend their reputation to their network of friends to endorse and promote  you. When they “follow” your profile, they voluntarily subscribe to your regularly released quality posts, thereby increasing their appetite for land deals just too good to let go.

Effective Facebook profiles such as PurinaOne tell compelling stories through longer posts and large photos.

Twitter, with its real-time search function, allows journalists to find breaking news and sources to develop their stories. Blogs feed your prospect’s imagination of life in a beckoning community too hot to pass up. Photo sharing sites such as Instagram and Flickr make it easy for prospects to spread your story in pictures – not just words.

The advertising and promotional opportunities of social media work to gain new customers and new leads for other direct marketing opportunities.

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