Benefits of Re-Marketing

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Written by Jean Steckler
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Does your company have a Re-Marketing strategy? Are you tracking visitors to your website and generating customized advertisements based on their activity? Does your Search Engine Marketing Campaign distinguish between buyers and researchers?

Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity on your site, increase newsletter registrations, or promote brand recognition, Re-Marketing can be a strategic component of every Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaign.

Google Re-Marketing is a feature of the Google Adwords platform that enables marketers to place tracking tags on various pages of their business website. When visitors view these pages, they are automatically placed into a Re-Marketing list, and web advertisements are generated to reach out to these leads while they browse other websites.

Drive Sales with Google ReMarketing

Customized Audiences
It should not be surprising that different web users visit your company’s website for different reasons. First time visitors to your business website are probably more interested in product descriptions and company information than returning customers. Potential customers that have created and abandoned shopping carts will interact with your website differently than those who have never created a cart and those who have completed transactions. By creating different Re-Marketing lists, your company can market to each category of web user distinctly and appropriately. Re-Marketing advertisements get companies out of the all-under-one-umbrella approach of many Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Expanded Market Reach
By utilizing the Google Display Network, your company’s Re-Marketing advertisements can reach customers wherever they are on the web. Unlike Search PPC campaigns, Re-Marketing PPC campaigns are not limited to the search results page. By staying out in front of potential clients, your company can stay ahead of the competition.

Re-Marketing in Search
This recent Google development empowers companies to influence the search results page of targeted leads. By tagging and grouping web users into behavior-specific categories, companies can use Re-Marketing in Search to return relevant product pages to search queries. For instance, if, through Re-Marketing, your company tags a web user in a category that is interested in running shoes, then when the user searches for the terms “online shoe sale,” Google can return your company’s web pages that relate to your lead’s proven interests, running shoes.

The continuing evolution of web marketing is enabling proactive companies to stay out in front of their competition through selectivity and targeting. Google’s Re-Marketing tools are one of the most powerful ways that your company can advertise directly to leads based on their proven interests and activities. And Steckler eMarketing can help you set up and manage these tools to improve Pay-Per-Click ROI and increase sales.

Jean Steckler
Steckler eMarketing
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