Protecting a Brand’s Reputation

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Media relations had it easy when all they had to monitor were news outlets. Now, with so many social network sites, staying on top of a brand’s reputation is getting more time consuming. Fortunately, new tools are helping make the process less tedious. Here are a few to consider.

Tracking Tools

  1. NameChk
    Check to see if your desired brand name is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering and establishing brand profiles where available on the most popular sites.
  2. Monittor
    Tool to monitor Twitter mentions in real-time.

Paid Tracking Services

  1. Radian6
  2. ListenLogic
  3. Nielsen
  4. TrendRR

Twitter Search Tools

Web-based Twitter Search Engines

  1. Twitter
  2. TweetGrid

Desktop Twitter Search Engines

Note: Traffic from these sites may not be tracked by Google Analytics and other JavaScript-based tracking tools.

  1. Seesmic (Windows)
    Includes both list functionality and geolocation
  2. TweetDeck (Windows)
  3. Twhirl (Windows and Mac)
  4. Tweetie (Mac)
  5. Twitterfic (Mac)

Twitter Email Alerts

  1. Tweetbeep
    Checks Twitter and sends emails with all of the mentions of your brand, as well as links so you can save tweets or write a response
  2. HootSuite  
  3. CoTweet

Tools to Build Wider Awareness

  1. YouTube Promoted Videos
    Post brand videos on YouTube, and promote them through Google AdWords

  2. Social Media Press Releases
    Start ranking for specific terms related to your business by submitting your site links to and
  3. Facebook
    Use brand profiles and wall feeds to make offers, announcements, sweepstakes

Where To Go for More Education on Twitter

  1. Best Practices for Brands
  2. Tips for Executives
  3. Twitter for Customer Service
  4. Hashtags for Business
  5. Twitter Guidebook for Business
  6. Mashable Guidebook for Business

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