Marketing Automation Checklist for Autoresponder Emails

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Written by Jean Steckler
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Amazon now ranks as the world’s most most reputable company in the world,  according to the Harris Interactive’s 14th annual Reputation Quotient survey. The Amazon Reputation score of 82.62 was derived from six characteristics including product quality, trust, social responsibility and how employees are treated.

Amazon products span as large a spectrum of categories as … eBay. What sets Amazon at the top is the way they communicate with us. Although automatically generated, their email sequences give us  confidence and trust that we will get what we want, when we want, and we will be able to resolve any issues that might arise.  Amazon demonstrates the value of autoresponders.
And Optify’s newly released Marketing Automation Best Practices: 2013 Autoresponders Study offers a useful checklist of how to optimize autoresponder programs … 
Autoresponder Best Practices Checklist
Online Forms
  1. Use Multiple Online Forms throughout your website
  2. Use few fields as possible to increase conversion rate
  3. Automatically populate CRM database from form entries
  4. Generate & schedule autoresponder emails when form is completed


Thank You Page

  1. Communicate successful submission of user’s request
  2. Present information about the follow-up process and about the company
  3. Include a relevant and appropriate call-to-action
  4. Include tracking codes for Goal and conversion rate tracking

Email Sequences

First Follow-up Email
  1. Send at completion of form submission
  2. Send from a person — not from the company or from an amorphous sender
  3. Include the sender’s information in the signature block
  4. Personalize the subject line and email message
  5. Include a clear and emphasized call-to-action
  6. Build expectations for future emails
  7. Allow recipients to unsubscribe

Email Frequency in First Week

  1. Over the course of the first week send 3-4 emails in 1-2 day intervals providing as much value as possible with content, advice and though leadership
  2. DO NOT send sale pitches in these emails; your goal is to establish a trusted relationship and build your brand

Subsequent Email Frequency

  1. Include 12-15 emails per campaign to span over 4-6 weeks. 
  2. On average, it takes 5-9 points of contact with each perspective lead before they become a buyer.

Jean Steckler
Steckler eMarketing
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