Staples, Inc.

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Title: Staples Consultative and Strategic Sales Tool

Project: Interactive Sales Presentation

Staples, Inc. pioneered the superstore concept in the office products industry. Staples is now expanding this revolution with two new divisions — “Staples Business Advantage” and “Staples National Advantage” — which serve the needs of large regional and national corporations, respectively. The company became the sixth company in US business history to reach the $3 billion sales mark in less than ten years. To provide productivity tools for its quickly growing, nationally-dispersed sales force, Staples recruited our team to script and implement an interactive sales presentation. Oriented to different purchasing influencers, the presentation facilitated consultative and strategic selling, throughout the sales force.

Introducing two new Staples Divisions:
Staples National Advantage
and Staples Business Advantage

Live spreadsheet analysis enables prospects to determine
their own cost savings.

Process Diagrams present re-engineered
purchasing systems.

Vivid animations explain hidden cost factors
and savings opportunities.

Jean Steckler
Steckler eMarketing
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