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Purpose: e-Business

ChemSystems is an international consulting company to the global petrochemical industry. Having been acquired by IBM, ChemSystems needed to develop ways to bring their service offerings to the Internet, so that the company could open up sales of their chemical industry reports through a new web-based channel and to new customers. Jean conducted interviews with ChemSystems consultants in both the US and UK in order to determine what strategy would be best for their company. Using this information alongside the industry research it conducted, we developed a website for ChemSystems that exceeded their needs. Petrochemical industry professionals have been presented with an online resource where they can easily find and purchase reports produced by ChemSystems, as well as access commentary on the latest industry news and trends. Thanks to this work, ChemSystems realized a significant increase in their business and has also established stronger web-based ties with their customers.

Home Page with Headline News, changed dynamically using the new Portal Publishing system.

Comprehensive description of services offered, as well as service-specific case studies and testimonials.

Online access to all reports available from client’s subscription published analytical research reports.

Online purchasing allows ChemSystems to sell individual and annual subscriptions to reports.

Jean Steckler
Steckler eMarketing
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