Expand OEM Customers

OEMs have special challenges. Manufacturers who assemble from OEM components have a classical “waterfall” methodology of product building, where each successive build relies on the availability and quality of individual components. OEM component manufacturers build their business on these key needs – availability and quality without overproduction or excess inventory.

Marketing to OEMs can minimize the availability concerns by providing access to inventory levels and estimates for delivery times on back orders. However, before building the custom dashboard, a lean approach would be to first test — does the OEM customer use the information. In this case an inventory report that is printed to a pdf and mailed weekly to the OEM customer may provide enough data – as well as keep you top of mind in their business. It also provides a weekly opportunity for your OEM customers to provide feedback on their needs, opportunities, early notification of defects and identification of root causes — leading to a truly collaborative relationship. When the volume of the OEM sales grow and pressure for more real-time data increases, you will have the benefit of experience, knowing what reports are the most helpful.

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